How much do you get paid as a 14 year old worker at Publix?

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if you apply for a job at publix, you will probably start off around $6.80 an hour.
and about $30.90 for a full day if you are 14 years old
Bree's answer:
First of all...when your 14,you'll be able to work at the J.A.C (Job Application Center) It says you can be either of the three:
~Cashier (I think that's 16 but they say its for 14 year olds too) ~Ask the Manager~
Make sure when you go to J.A.C. you have your social security number..!It'll ask for that..!
I'm 14 and I'm going to become a bagger...they told me a few stuff in the'll be starting with $7.25 an hour...and if your good at bagging and you satisfy the customers you'll get a 25 cent raise...! You will be working 2 1/2 hours on school days...and 7 hours on Sundays...You'll pretty much hear about every little thing you need to know in your interview...! Make sure you update your application every MONTH..! sometimes if you need to...ask for the manager or try and meet the assistant manager and be cool and be yourself..!
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What kind of position could a 15-year-old have at Publix and how much would he earn?

In Miami, FL (this is also extremely similar to all other major cities containing Publix) you can be 14 years of age to apply for a job at Publix. A few of my friends have been working there since they were 14. Although, they give you certain restrictions on how long your work week can be in order t (MORE)

How much should a 14-year-old be paid for babysitting?

what i would do, if it was my first time, i would start small and just see how you can handle them and then see what you deserve. Im starting with 5 dollars an hour. You dont have to do 5 dollars an hour if you dont want but that would be the reasonable thing to do... remember just start low.

Where can a 14 year old get a job and get paid?

alot of salons will give work. as a sweep boy. target gave me a job at 14 unloading trucks, but it was under the table... try alot of under the table work... independent contractors enjoy letting you work, but inside jobs really wnatyou, because that means that don't have to pay work help alot of mo (MORE)

How much will a 14 year old get paid if they had a job?

Answer . The salary rates differ from state to state. In California, teens must have a work permit, signed by their school. There are certain restrictions as to the type of work, and the number of hours they are allowed to work. The minimum wage here is $7.50. . There is an exception for learn (MORE)

How much do you get paid by working at Publix?

See Related Links . See the Related Links for "Publix Career Opportunities" to the bottom for the answer.. Obviously, it depends very much on your position, whether Management, non-Management and other conditions as well. Check the suggested web link for details.. Hope this helps and best of l (MORE)

How much do you get paid at Publix for bagging?

Well, on your first day you can only work 12 hours a week, it depends how old you are. and wage is about $7.50 an hour. so weekly paycheck is about 80 to 90 dollars a week. like i said depends on how old you are.

What does a 14 year old employee get paid?

Answer . By law, a company has to pay you at least minimum wage. There are labor law restrictions as to the amount of hours you can work at that age. For instance, they can't work you past a certain hour; I believe it's 9 PM.

How much do social workers get paid a year?

I live in New Mexico, Social Workers with a Bachelor Degree to a Masters Degree earn between 25,000-45,000 depending on concentration. School social workers start out earning 30,000 per year. Hello, my mums a social worker and this answer is correct. :) This varies. First, you have to look at the (MORE)

Does Publix hire 14 year olds?

To work at Publix you need to be the minimum age of 14-years-old. They are eligible for working with baggage (carts), floral assistant and cashier. Sources: See the Related Links below for more information on Publix and the work rules for teenagers.

Is Publix hiring 15 year olds?

Yes Publix is hiring 15 year olds. The job that you would be hired to do is bagging and taking the carts outside. Just know its not going to be easy getting a job in today's economy. That's the problem I'm going through right now

Where can a 14 year old find a job and get paid?

When You Turn 14 You can work in an:\n. \noffice, grocery store, retail store, restaurant, movie theater, baseball park, amusement park, or gasoline service station.\n. \nYou generally may not work in:\n. \ncommunications or public utilities jobs, construction or repair jobs, driving a motor vehi (MORE)

What job can you get at 14 years old with a workers permit?

For a 14 year old boy there is some things you can do...Resturaunts will be your best bet. Or else check the colleges around you for the cafereria, when I was 15 I worked at the Univiersity working after school intill about 7 at night washing dishes and serving food. It was a nice job, only downsid (MORE)

How much can 15 year old get paid?

According to labor laws you need to be 16+ to be hired, so an 15 year old can only do things like babysit, paper route. Most teens earn a min. wage of 7 or 8 dollars an hour.

How much do you get paid for bagging at 14 at Publix?

Hired at minimum wage, typically. Some stores are different but new policies go in to affect every quarter affecting pay and raises. Currently "Customer Service Clerks" are hired at minimum wage with the opportunity for a raise every six months during there evaluation. Small raise though, Corpora (MORE)

Why does my 14 year old not get refund when she paid employment insurance?

Employment Insurance doesn't remove enough tax fpr how much they are giving, So when you file your Income tax the next year it will probably push you out of a refund position to get nothing back. But watch out Employment insurance never taxes off enough tax. She should get atleas (MORE)

With a work permit can a 14 year old work at Publix in Florida?

Yes, in fact, the 14 year old doesn't need a work permit. The legal working age set by the Department of [Child] Labor is 14. The only thing that may be needed is the parents permission to work, which is usually a document sent by the store that the parent/legal guardian needs to sign.

How much can a 14 year old get paid a week?

There is no limit as to what they can be paid. However, there are restrictions on how much they can work, particularly during school sessions. Most places allow a 14 year old to obtain a work permit through the school. And technically, anything they earn belongs to their parents. They are allowed to (MORE)

Can a fourteen year old work at Publix?

If you fit there requirement and there is an opening available i don't see why not ... it is against US Federal Law to discriminate against a person because of there age ... Refer to link for more information ...

How much does a Publix CEO get paid?

Maybe with shares he makes a little over a million but as actualpay Ed only makes a little over 900,000. All of the managers atPublix make a decent income. Actually in statistical definitiontheir income would be considered an outlier compared to otherretail managers. Unlike most CEO, Ed does not poc (MORE)

What are some jobs for 14 year olds and for they can get paid?

It depends on where they are. In most places a 14 year old can obtain a work permit. Finding a job at that age is tough, but there are some places that will hire you. In others, you need to be 16, but you can mow lawns, shovel snow, have a paper route, walk dogs.

What do you wear to an interview at publix and you are 14 years old?

Your school clothes are perfectly appropriate for a job interviewat Publix. Do not wear tee shirts with language on them or extrememakeup, hair coloring, excessive jewelry, or dirty clothes. Nicejeans and a shirt or blouse is appropriate. Pants would be bettersimply because you have to wear black pa (MORE)

How much money does a Publix worker make?

There are several different pay scales for a Publix employee. They range from minimum wage to maximum depending on the job classification and skill. Obviously, an employee who is a skilled cake decorator will make more than a fresh new front service clerk. In all cases, Publix managers evaluate th (MORE)