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According to the founder of online bookseller Alibris.com, an
average-sized book weighs 12 ounces.

"We analyzed all the books sold by our booksellers and determined that
the average book weighs 12 ounces and over 75% weighed under 1 pound
and eight ounces."
PRESIDENT AND CEO, OF ALIBRIS, hosted by the Independent Online
Booksellers Association

If you prefer the metric system, 12 ounces is equivalent to about 340
grams since there are approximately 28.3 grams per ounce.

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How much does an average book weigh?

  Between 1 and 1 1/2 pounds, according to Googleanswers.com.

How much does a text book weigh?

It weighs about five lbs. Hope i helped!

Telephone books weigh how much?

  Answer   It depends on how thick they are. But a telephone book 1 1/2" thick, weighs 2.5 lbs.

How much does 1 liter weigh?

Your question cannot be answered because you didn't tell us one liter of WHAT. A liter is a measure of volume, so the weight of that volume would depend upon the density of th

How much does 1 pound weigh?

1 pound=16 ounces

How much does a book weigh in kilograms?

I depends on which type of book you are talking about. An average text book weighs about 1 kilogram.

How much does a 1 kilogram weigh?

1 kilogram is 1000 grams. 1 kilogram is 2.2046226218487756 pounds. The above answer is accurate, however, it should be explained that mass and "weight" are two different

How much does 1 gram weigh?

1 gram weighs about the same as a regular paperclip. Another close comparison is a dime, weighing about 2 grams.

How much does 1 kiloliter weigh?

'Liter' and any multiple or fraction of it means a volume, not a weight, so the weight depends on the substance that's in that volume. -- If the kiloliter is full of air a
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How much does 1 kg weigh?

1 kg = 2.20462 lb * * * * * No, both 1 kg and 1 lb are measures of mass, not of weight. The weigh of a mas of 1 kg, on the surface of the earth is 9.81 Newtons.