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he pays 40% to the state of new york, and another 10% to his agent. the 22 million dollars he makes quickly turns into 11.
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How much taxes does a farmer pay?

There is no simple answer to that. Every farmer would be differentas their income would be different. It will also depend on thelocal rates of taxation and other regulations w

How much can you give your relatives each year tax free?

You may give 12,500 a year (this year) to ANYONE (Up to a Million Dollars total), you will have had to pay any taxes as income, NOT DEDUCTIBLE for you and REPORTABLE but NOT T

How much does the average person pay for cigarettes each year?

It's hard to pick an "average" amount of smoking, but in Delaware the average is about 185 packs a year, which works out to just under $1,000. In Utah, the smoking rate is muc

How much tax do the rich pay?

That is the age old question. The problem with the question, before you even get near an answer, is whose definition of 'the rich' shall we use to answer. I have a friend whos

How many people pay taxes each year in the US?

There were 131,113,969 returns filed in 2004. Of those who filed, 42,545,501 (32.4%) had zero tax liability. This is estimated to increase to in excess of 40% in 2009. A filer

How much tax will pay on 61000?

If a person makes between | $60,950 and $61,000, they will pay varying amounts on $61,000 depending on how they are filing their income tax returns. Someone could pay between

Approximately how much money does the average American citizen pay in taxes each year?

According to the Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan organisation, the average American pays an average tax rate of 12.60% percent on their income as of 2008.   According to th

How much tax do you pay from 40K?

Multiply the 40000 by your marginal tax rate and that would be the amount of federal income taxes that would be due on the 40000 taxable amount. 40000 X 15% = 6000 of federal

How much does the US pay for the UN each year?

They pay 22% of 4.19 billion dollars. You do the math. In 2010 the United States paid over 7.6 billion dollars to the UN. Payments to UN peace keeping / defense missions are

How much tax do you pay on a 1099?

There are many, many different 1099s and some can handle many different types of things.   The tax you pay on most ANY income depends on your own personal situation, other

Do you have to pay taxes after ten years?

  The IRS has a ten year statute of limitations to collect taxes, generally. This ten year clock starts running when the tax is originally assessed (when you file a return