How much does Percy Harvin weigh?

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Percy Harvin, the wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings weighs 195 pounds (88 kgs).
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What is Percy harvin 40 time?

I heard it was between 4.1 between 4.23 (his best time ever officially recorded was at the university of Florida where he ran a 4.27

Who is better Jeremy maclin or Percy harvin?

Well They Are Different Type Of Players. That Means For A Example, Percy Harvin Is Better In Wild Cat Formation, Or Jeremy Maclin Is Better In Special Teams. So You Can't Actu

Where does Percy Harvin live?

Percy Harvin lives in Minnesota. Really? I didnt know that. I mean he plays for the vikings but i thought he'd live in Alabama. I MEANT WHAT IS HIS ADRESS!!!

What is Percy harvin nfL stats?

15 rushing attempts for 135 yards averaged 9 yards a carry a long of 35 yards 0 TDs. 42 kick returns for 1,156 , 27.5 return average a long of 101 and 2 TDs. 60 receptions

Why does Percy Harvin suffer from migraines?

Obviously the underlying cause of the migraines has not been determined and therefore he has not been treated. I am a dentist practicing in north -eastern Ontario with an inte