How much does Santa Claus weigh?

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Some people believe he is not real. To them, he weighs nothing.


Others believe that, in spite of all the cookies and milk left for him, Santa and his bowl-full-of-jelly belly weigh in at a lithe 100 kilograms (220 pounds), thanks to his incredible once-a-year exercise regimen.
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Santa Claus where from?

His traditional base of operations is the North Pole, which is latitude 90. By an odd coincidence, the Christmas star seen by the Magi was out of the East ( Compass direction

Who is Santa Claus?

Santa Claus -- Harmless toymaker or Pagan fertility god ? You decide! . According to Who2 Biography, Santa Claus is "the mythical figure who delivers toys to children aro

What is about Santa Claus?

Santa claus maybe real or maybe not its not actually bad if you'll believe him.about santa he can be real cause a years ago there is st nicholas who was giving gifts to many c

How much does santa cluase weigh?

um santa clause weighs about well you can't really know because the scale doesnt have enough numbers due to all the cookies and milk you cruel kids leave out for santa clause
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Why is there a Santa Claus?

There is a Santa Claus in order to spread hope and joy and theideals of kindness and generosity.
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Do they have a Santa Claus?

I am 10 years old, and today I just found out that all the magicalcreatures our parents tell us are real and we believe, are not.Yesterday I had doubts about the tooth fairy a
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Are there Santa Claus?

No santa cluas is not real it is a made up guy in christmas yourparents buy your presents and you think santa cluas droped thepresents for you! but no !How cuold he go to ever