How much does a Monster Truck tire weigh?

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The usual monster truck tire weighs in around 800lbs to 900lbs.
This doesn't give you the general weight of Monster truck tires, but its an interesting fact, Big Foot's # 5 has tires that weigh 2400lbs each. (A one off promotional truck)
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How much does a monster truck weigh?

A normal monster truck is about 12,000 pounds. It has to be at least 9,000 pounds to be considered a monster truck. If it's below that it's considered a truck.

How much does a semi-truck tire weigh?

Semi-truck tires can weigh up to 110 pounds. The tires forpassenger cars have an average weight of 22 pounds, and tires forlight-weight trucks average around 35 pounds.

How much does a truck tire weigh?

A typical semi-truck trailer tire weighs approximately 100 pounds. I received a shipment of 20 tires with a total weight of 2,038 pounds. 2,038 / 20 = 101.9