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A Segway usually costs $6,000 to $7,000 depending on what model and what package is purchased.
or between $4000 - £5000
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How much money for a Segway?

The Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) i2   Designed for easy operation over a variety of terrains, the i2  features our new LeanSteer technology as well as the new InfoK

How do you spell segway?

The proper noun Segway is a maker of a two-wheeled self-balancing vehicle (PT for Personal Transportation). If you are referring to "a smooth transition" the word you are lo

What is the average cost of a Segway?

The i2 costs about $6500 and the x2 costs about $7500. Used ones start at about $3000 and the price largly depends on how much use/battery condition. The batteries are the mos

What is a Segway?

A Segway is a 2 wheeled Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device (EPAMD). The user stands atop the Segway's platform, with its two wheels flanking them on the left and righ

Where can you buy a Segway?

You can purchase a Segway from JC Surveillance. They come directly from the factory in new condition. See the related links for JC Surveillance's website.

When was the Segway invented?

is a two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle invented by Dean Kamen. It was first unveiled to the public in 2001. It was put into production in 2002.

What are disadvantages on a segway?

some disadvantages on a segway is that it is dangerous and can cause an accident if you are lazy and not watching were you are going. And also, using a segway can cause long t

How is a Segway powered?

A Segway is powered with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries See the related links section.

Who invented the Segway?

Dean Kamen invented the Segway. He is a serial inventor of many patents, most of them for medical appliances.