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How much does a U S Air Force Lt Col earn in retirement?

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The retirement earnings of a U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel is based on years of service. With twenty years of service a colonel can earn $4000 a month in retirement. With 26 years of service, the colonel will make $5600 each month.
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Sr-71 blackbird test force palmdale ca lt col tom smith?

Lt col Tom Smith was Cammander and Cheif Test Pilot 1973thru1976 at the Palmdale Skunk works.When an Operational Pilot requested a change in the overall flight operation of th

What is the average age of a Lt Col in the US army?

About 50 Uh...no. The Average LtCol in the Army, Air Force or Marines will be between 39 and 45 or 46 depending on several factors. Some will be older, and may be as old as 50

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Go to this web site. There are all military branches. http://www.militaryfactory.com/military_pay_scale.asp This is only part of the equation. You also need to know where you

Lt Col is gazetted officer?

Yes!! All army officers of rank Lt col and above are gazetted officers!!

Who is higher in rank a Col or a Lt Col?

Colonel is higher. Lieutenant is a modifier that can be applied to colonel, general and governor and indicates an inferior rank to the rank it modifies.

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