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it really depends on the type of macaw. the scarlets, blue and golds, and green wings usually cost around $1000-3000. the hyacinth macaws general cost around $14000 because they are endangered and rare. hahns or mini macaws are usually about $1000.
Anywhere from $100 to $5,000.
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How much do macaws cost?

Just click on the related link and search the type of macaw you'd like to buy and on the right hand side it will say how much they are.

How much would a breeding pair of hyacinth macaws cost?

I have seen estimates upwards of $80,000 for a pair of breeding hyacinth macaws, banded as bred in captivity, in the USA. They are highly endangered in the wild and are not

Cost for a breeding pair of hyacinth macaws?

  A proven healthy young pair of producing Hyacinth Macaws will cost no less than $40,000 USD while an older healthy pair will run no less than $25,000 USD. I have persona

Which species was Blu and Jewel in the Rio movie. A Glaucous Macaw or a Hyacinth Macaw or a Lear's Macaw. And how much does it cost and what should i feed it and when it would die in normal condition?

hyacinth macaws are a bit costly ,buy only if you have experience .These birds can have a bad temper and can bite you to the point of breaking skin .According to me, first try
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How much to buy a gold and blue macaw?

It depends on where your from\\Handraised or Avairy\\Baby or Adult Etc. In Perth the usual price to buy a baby Handraised blue and gold macaw is around $4500. but it can be lo