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it really depends on the type of macaw. the scarlets, blue and golds, and green wings usually cost around $1000-3000. the hyacinth macaws general cost around $14000 because they are endangered and rare. hahns or mini macaws are usually about $1000.
Anywhere from $100 to $5,000.
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What is a low price for the macaw parrot and where can I buy one I really want one and I dont have much of the money so what is the lowest price for a healthy beautiful macaw?

  A low price for a macaw is around $600. If you don't have a lot of money, adopt one. These birds get surrendered often for a lot of reasons. They take a lot of time and

What does the macaw eat and what does the macaw get eaten bys the macaw?

Macaws in South America will eat fruit and clay. Yes clay, it helps the digestive system. Macaws are NOT eaten by other macaws. They can be eaten by jaguars and other jungle c

What do macaws do?

  That depends on what you mean by 'do'. Try to be more specific.

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What is a macaw?

A macaw is a brightly coloured bird that comes in a variety of different colours and breeds, such as the macaw:red and blue or yellow and blue.   red tailed macaw:black wit
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Cost for a breeding pair of hyacinth macaws?

  A proven healthy young pair of producing Hyacinth Macaws will cost no less than $40,000 USD while an older healthy pair will run no less than $25,000 USD. I have persona

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