How much does a Russian bride cost?

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Does it really matter if you find your sould (because you bought her) mate :) that is what your Russian Bride is looking for.

They say that you should write for quite awhile before you visit her. Via and agency this will cost about $7 and e-mail to cover yours and her translation, but I would advise initially to purchase 5 e-mail credits and then if you are getting on fine purchase 20 so the price can come down to $4 an e-mail.

Say you visit after about 6 months from the initial contact. An airline ticket from a European destination to Donetsk (Southern Ukraine) in March would have cost me 610 €
The agency there wanted $700 approximately for their budget package of hotel, airport transfer and interpreter for 7 days/6 nights. They say allow $100 a day for expenses.

Then if you do meet your sould mate you will have all the expenses of visas a if you don't your in trouble) and the costs of bringing her to your home country.

They say that approximately $2,000/$4,000 should cover it. It is also said that 80% of these marraiges are successful :)

It all sounds rather fantastic and wishful thinking to me. I've done a lot of research into it and its not the white knight rescuing a poor Russian maid from her poverty at all, as what was once claimed.
Your single Ukranian damsel today is ticking along very nicely, she scratches a living and like everywhere else has the safety net of parents at least to watch her.
So if your a western man with a bank account of loot going out there, you'd better be on the top of not just your romantic game but your wits too, because you'll have to graft and win for her heart all the way, because she's got things to lose if she go's with you, so you'll have to work, it won't fall in your lap, thats if your lucky for her to love you in the first place.
So why not stay at home, keep your money in the old bank safe and up your game in meeting your own country woman as a soul mate, you'll have to do it in Eastern Europe anyway, so why not at home?
And don't give me the old higher values pony of family oriented life been better with a Ukranian women, bull! I've read the horror story's of American, British, Canadian men been fleeced something cruel by these women, who do you trust and how?
No, i'm in no mood whatsoever to be taken for a sap off of anyone, i'll look in good old England still, i might never find her, but then there's no better option in East Europe either as far as i'm concerned.
Better to be alone in comfort than be alone and fleeced.
A fool and his money are easily parted comes to mind also.
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