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depends on the type:

english saddle- 10-25 lbs

Western Saddle- anywhere from 25-75 lbs
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How much will an old saddle be compared to a new saddle.?

  Depending on how used the saddle is, prices can vary. You shouldn't pay more than $500 for an old saddle, even if its not too worn down. after all, you could get a n

How much do Richard Castelow saddles normally cost?

5-6 k depending on what style, leather, and how you get it flocked. If it's wool it can be adjusted to any horse, but it does add anywhere between 500-1000 dollars.

What is the saddle and what does it do?

The saddle is an item of tack which is secured onto the horses back for riding by the girth (a strap which goes under the horse's belly and is tightened as the horse breathed

How much does a western saddle cost?

A new Equiflex saddle (arguably the best saddle make) costs between £1800 - £2600. You can get one second-hand for about £600. Well here in the USA the price of a true leat

How much money are horse saddles?

Your saddle will probably be your most expensive tack. There are many different ways to go. You can find a good used saddle that will give you many years of use. There are 2 b

How much is the dragon saddle in Maplestory?

The very first saddle you can get is a millon mesos. Your dragon will grow out of this one, and you need to purchase another for 30 millon mesos. The dragon will grow out the

How much did it weigh?

The Titanic weighted 5,000,000 pounds

How much can you weigh?

some people can weigh up to 1,600 pounds some are skinney and may weigh 70 or 60 of course a baby weights 2 to 22 pounds. Perhaps you should have worded it 'How much shoukd I

How much did is weigh?

Throughout his life, Iz Kamakawiwoʻole was obese and at one point carried 757 pounds (343 kg) on his 6-foot-2-inch (1.88 m) frame.

How much do English saddles weigh?

I would say about 5 to 8 pounds at least, maybe 10 pounds. That was one thing I always love English saddles, they are no where as near as heavy as the Western saddles, but I l