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depends on the type:

english saddle- 10-25 lbs

Western Saddle- anywhere from 25-75 lbs
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How much does a western saddle cost?

A new Equiflex saddle (arguably the best saddle make) costs between £1800 - £2600. You can get one second-hand for about £600. Well here in the USA the price of a true leat

How much money is it to have your saddle cleaned?

If you wanted to pay me to clean your saddle, I would require $20, since it would take me about an hour to clean the saddle, and you would want me to do a thorough job. I wou

How much do English saddles weigh?

I would say about 5 to 8 pounds at least, maybe 10 pounds. That was one thing I always love English saddles, they are no where as near as heavy as the Western saddles, but I l

How much is it for a horse saddle?

well it depends on what kind of saddle cause saddles price ranges are about 100-5,000 dallars inleast you are looking for a cheap one then your best bet would be around54 dall

How much is a Barker Saddle?

Well i sold my barker saddle for...... £ 400. However mine was in good condition and was made out of black leather. :D Charlie x

How much do western saddles weigh?

I believe they can weigh around 30 to 50 lbs.

How much money are horse saddles?

Your saddle will probably be your most expensive tack. There are many different ways to go. You can find a good used saddle that will give you many years of use. There are 2 b

How much does an American saddle cost?

honestly, it really depends on how old it is, what the brand is, and what shape its in. you can search around on some of these websites, i hope you find this helpfull, dover,

How much does a jumping saddle cost?

It depends on the brand you buy. If you buy a top quality stubben then it could be up to $4000 on just the saddle. but then if you buy a wintec it could be really cheap at aro