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A tonne is 1000kg or 1000000g
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How much is a tonne?

A unit of mass equal to 1,000 kilograms (2,205 pounds).

What weighs 1 tonne?

1 metric tonne are 1,000 kilograms.. 1 cubic meter of pure water weighs 1 metric tonne.

What weighs 3 tonnes?

  Three tonnes is the approximate weight of:   * 18 large football players  * A Hummer  * Two Honda Accords  * The water in a wading pool 1 ft deep and 10 ft on a

What weighs 5 tonnes?

Could be many things. Five tonnes is the same as 11,023 pounds or  5.51 US tons.

How much does 8500 tonnes weigh?

8500 metric tons (also written as tonnes) is approximately  18,739,292.29 pounds.    If you want to try and picture it, here are some ideas:   That's about 45 blue

How much does 20 tonnes weigh?

In the gravity field of Earth, exactly 20 tonnes, which is 44092.5  pounds.   The things on this list would be about 20 tonnes each:    2.5 adult elephants  8 gira

What weighs 180 metric tonnes?

180 metric tons (tonnes) equates to 397,000 pounds.
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What weighs 10.3 tonnes?

10.3 tonnes is 10,300kg or 22,700 pounds.
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How much is 1kN in tonnes?

1kN is 0.102 tonne at Earth's surface.