How much does aluminum cost per kilo?

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exists and is an alternate of . Meanwhile, spot prices of aluminium in Mumbai were ruling firm at Rs 129.20 per kg. At London Metal Exchange, aluminium prices closed at $3,036.5 per tonne
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Cost per gram for aluminum?

Aluminum costs around 0.154323583 cents per gram. This fluctuatesup and down along with the price of metals and aluminum.

How much does heroin cost per kilo in the UK?

In the UK heroin costs about £.800 to £.1400 per ounce ( 28 g ) depending on the quality . There are 36 ounce in a kilo so 1 kilo costs between £.28.800 and £.50.400 , but often people who buy large quantities will get it much cheaper then this . Some poor quality heroin known as bash wh

How much does solar energy cost per kilo joule?

Depending on how you obtain the solar energy (for example, are you receiving it from a power company that harnesses the energy and distributes it across your area, or do you have the means to harness the solar energy-i.e. solar panels on the roof of your house). If you harness the energy yourself,

How much is ivory cost per kilo?

Buying and selling ivory is illegal, you know! You should never buy or sell any ivory. Ivory comes from Africa where poachers brutally hunt and kill elephants for their tusks, 25 000 elephants is killed every year illegally! The hunters use assault rifles and hand grenades to murder the animals. E