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How much does an Apple iPad 2 cost?

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499.99 off sale
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How much does the Apple iPad cost?

Announced January 27, 2010, and shipped April 3, 2010, the price of the iPad starts at $499 and comes in different models. Wi-Fi Only 16GB - $499 32GB - $599 64GB - $699

How much does an iPad 2 cost?

About $499 in the USA or about £399 in the UK, the cost will vary from country to country. General unit prices are 16GB cost $499, 32GB $599 and the 64GB is $699. The pri

How much money does the iPad 2 cost?

Here a list of the prices for the iPad 2: - Wi-Fi Only 16GB - $499 (base price) 32GB - $599 64GB - $699 - Wi-Fi + 3G 16GB - $629 32GB - $729 64GB - $829 Expect these pri

How much does the iPad 2 cost?

16 GB with wifi only is $ 499 but if you want to add 3G its going to be another $130 so it will be $629.If you want to get 32 GB with WiFi only it would be $599 but if you wan

How much do most Apple iPad components cost?

For the ipad, the components that make up the tablet are estimated to be valued at $260. Parts such as the screen and the processor as the most delicate and most expensive par

How much does ans apple iPad 2 cost?

It depends on which i-pad 2 you buy, they come in 16-32 gb, with or without wi-fi. But if you buy an i-pad 2 with no wi-fi and 16gb, that will be about $500 (before the i-pad

How much does a pink iPad 2 cost?

there is not a pink iPad 2 there is only a black and white iPad 2. If you want a apple product that has color get the new iPod tuch, or the new iPod nano, or the iPod shuffle.