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As a rough guide engine oil usually weighs about 0.87 kg/litre or about 7.2 pounds per US gallon. Unfortunately a rough answer is the best that can be done as there are hundreds of different types of engine oil with slightly different densities. To get an exact density we would have to know the details of the oil you're using. For a really accurate answer we would also have to state the temperature as the density of oil as with most fluids varies with temperature. Most oil manufacturers' provide data sheets for their products that should include density. If you search the manufacturers web site you should be able to get an accurate figure for a particular grade.
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How much does crude oil weigh a gallon?

About 7 pounds per gallon.

How much does heating oil weigh?

  Answer   No. 2 Heating Oil has a specific gravity of 0.72 kilograms per liter. Therefore, one U.S. gallon weighs 6.00869123 pounds.

How much does one gallon of oil weigh?

    Weight of Oil     One gallon of oil is 6-8 pounds depending on density.     If you assume SAE 10W-30 oil; density is 875 grasm/litre = 1.929 pounds

How much does a cup of soybean oil weigh?

The weight of one cup of soybean oil is 7.7 ounces. This is equal  to 220 grams or 0.48 pounds.

How much does a gallon of oil weigh?

Answer   Assume SAE 10W-30 oil; density is 875 grasm/litre = 1.929 pounds per litre = 7.3 pounds per US gallon.     Cheers   Malcolm

How much does palm oil weigh?

One litre of palm oil wight 910 Grams

How much does a teaspoon of olive oil weigh?

Well depending on the type of oil it can range but i think that a teaspoon of oil would be around 1/10 of an ounce.
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How much does transformer oil weigh?

Weight of transformer oil is depend on density. Generally density of transformer oil is 0.8820. so its wt is for 100 ml sample is 88.2 gm................Mangesh Shinde