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It depends. I would say an average premium for a well insured bar that does $200,000 a year in sales and has $100,000 of property insurance, shoud expect to pay about $3,000 - $5,000 a year. The premium will depend upon years in business, claims history, live entertainment or not, and other factors as well.

There are a few key coverages for bars and taverns. Along w/ general liability & property insurance you need liquor liability and assault & battery coverage. General liability excludes bodily injury and property damage resulitng from the sale of alcohol. As well, general liability excludes expected or intended injury, which creates the need for assault & battery coverage. I.E. if your bouncer hurts somebody while throwing them out the bar.

Your liability premiums, both general & liquor, will be based on your annual sales. Assault and Battery coverage is typically fixed and varies depending on the amount of coverage you desire. Your property rates will be determined by the amount you want to insure along w/ characteristics of your building, location, and some other factors as well.
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