How much does electricity cost per kilowatt hour in the NY?

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10.20 to 16.73 cents per kilowatt hour
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Your refrigerator is 5.6 amps so how much does it cost you a month at 14cents per kilowatt?

Answer . $67.74 using 120 volts.. Great job on the math, but a refrigerator doesn't run 24 hours a day. It runs off of a thermostat and has periods of off/on. It depends on the climate in which you live (i.e. how hot it is in your house) as to how often your refrigerator kicks on. Its actually r (MORE)

How much does it cost for electricity per month?

You must be to renting or owning your house but it matters how much you use so turn the lights off when not in room, turn off TV when not using, and turn off computer all the way when done using it. This is difficult to answer, it depends on what country you live in, how many people in a family, o (MORE)

How much does oil cost per kilowatt hour?

That number changes based on the current cost of oil (daily) - to find the answer convert as: Current price of crude oil per barrel / 563.107 = cost per Kilowatt hour. Based on US Energy department figures for: 1 barrel of oil equivalent = 5.80 MBtu and 10,300 Btu per kWh for current thermal co (MORE)

How much does electricity cost per kilowatt hour in the UK?

Graeme Bathurst, of independent energy consultancy TNEI, suggests 7p/kWh as a reasonable estimate( 7p is typical for the night cheap rate, during the day it can be twice that, according to my bill.

How much does hydro power cost per kilowatt hour?

The Maintenance for the equipment and people to operate it. Hydroelectricity is generated at damns. essentially it is almost free because the water does all the work, but it does not create a lot of electricity

How much do fossil fuels cost per kilowatt hour?

It will be depend on what fossil fuel is in concern. For a combine cycle power plant of around 80% capacity, cost of power per fuel is as followed for 2010. Price not include tax and transmission cost. Natural gas = 7-10 C/kWh Coal = 10 - 14 C/kWh Diesel = 14 - 20 C/kWh The Diesel priced was esti (MORE)

How much does electricity cost retail per kilowatt?

I pay .07 cents a kilowatt. Answer A kilowatt measures power, which is the rate at which you use energy. You do not pay for power but, rather, for energy . For the purpose of billing consumers, energy is measured in kilowatt hours ( kW . h ). So, the above answer should read 0.07 cents (MORE)

How much does Nuclear power cost per kilowatt hour?

The 2.03 cents per kilowatt hour cost for nuclear power is inaccurate. December 19, 2011. New study published by National Bureau of Economic Research states: Pg 23 of the report, Table 3 lists the levelized cost of nuclear power as 8.7 cents per kilowatt hour (MIT 2009), and 6.7 cents for natural (MORE)

How much oil is needed to produce one kilowatt hour of electricity?

Your question is not very specific, as 'oil' is a very broad term. Crude oil is never burned straight, it is always processed. I will assume gasoline is what is being used. Gasoline produces 36.6 kWh of power per one US gallon. Therefore: (36.6 kWh/ 1 gal) = ( 1 kWh/ X gal) (1 * 1) / 36.6 (MORE)

How much does electricity cost per kilowatt in Dayton?

I used 650 kWh last month. My bill was about 80 bucks. I think I paid 7.5 cents per kWh This was with 2 window A/C units (used only in the evenings), one fridge, one deep freeze and one computer (these three all the time). In Dayton Ohio.

How do you calculate kilowatts per hour?

A kilowatt hour is calculated by adding the watts together anddeviding by 1000, this will give you kilowatts (kW). Then work outhow many hours you are using this load for. multiply the kW by thehours and you get kWh. eg 15 lamps at 100w = 1500w/1000 = 1.5 kW.If these were left on for 6 hours then 6 (MORE)

How much would 1.38 kilowatts per hour cost?

Find out from your latest bill from your electricity supplier how much you are paying for a kilowatt-hour. Multiply that charge by 1.38, so if the charge is 20 cents then 20 x 1.38 = 27.6 cents.

How many kilowatts per hour are used to run a 1500 watt electric fireplace?

1.5 kW "Kilo" means 1000, so a 1500 W appliance uses energy at the rate of 1500 W / 1000 = 1.5kW. By the way, you probably do not mean "kilowatts per hour." A watt (or a kilowatt) measures the rate of energy use. Rate units already have the time parameter built in: for example, "kilometers per (MORE)

What is the cost of 1 kilowatt hour?

12.5 p is generally accepted as a typical average cost, however it changes depending on too many factors to list here. When in doubt check with your electricity supplier.

How much electricity is a kilowatt hour?

One kiloWatt hour has to do with the amount of energy beingsupplied or consumed in relation to the amount of time it is beingconsumed. One kiloWatt is 1000 Watts or 10 - 100 Watt light bulbsburning. One kiloWatt hour of energy would be consumed if those 10- 100 Watt bulbs were all left on for 1 hour (MORE)

How much does electricity cost per kilowatt hour in Israel?

If the rate being charged for electricity is 10 cents [3] per kilowatt hour, then running the 100-watt bulb for one hour would cost 0.10 kW·h × $0.10/kW·h = $0.01, or one cent. Running a typical space heater rated at 1500 watts would cost 15 cents per hour (1.5 kW × 1 h x $0.10/kW (MORE)

How much is the price of electricity per kilowatt?

A kilowatt is an unit of power , which is the rate at which you purchase energy, in kilowatt hours. You pay for energy, not power. So, your question really should ask, "What is the price of electricity per kilowatt hour?" The answer is... it depends! It varies from supplier to supplier and where (MORE)

How much kilowatts of power does a 1.1kw motor use per hour?

If the "kilowatt" is something the motor uses whenever it's running, then the same unit can't measure something that gets tallied up over time. The kilowatt is the unit of power. Power is the rate at which energy is used. The motor uses energy at the rate of 1.1 kilowatts. You're asking fo (MORE)

How many kilowatts per hour does an electric oven use?

It depends on the electrical specification of the oven. If the oven has heating elements that say total to 3 kW then the consumption will be 3 kW.hrs per hour if all the heating elements are being used. If the oven is being used for two hours the consumption will be 6 kW.hrs. or If the oven is b (MORE)

What is cost per kilowatt hour in pinellas county Florida?

Bottom line of a Nov2013 residential bill. Used 1800kwh and total bill= $220.06 so: 12.225cents kwh (Even though they say it is 7.047cents 100kwh.) Other charges: taxes, fuel charge?, an 8.67 fee to be a customer? all total 88.33. That's the bill to have power so, 12.225 cents per kwh is a good ba (MORE)

How do you find the cost per kilowatt per hour?

Find the consumption of power in kwh for a given period. Find the corresponding cost. Divide cost by the total kwh. Most energy companies indicate the average kwh cost incurred for a given month in their monthly statements.

How much does a one kilowatt fire cost to run perr hour?

Not sure what you are asking, but if it is a heating device that requires 1 kW of electricity and it is on for 1 hr. then the cost is about 12 cents on the average across USA. Answer A 1-kW heater (generally termed 'an electric fire' in the UK), operating for one hour, uses 1 kW . h, or one ' (MORE)

How much cost per hours for electric heater in Toronto?

To answer this question a total wattage of the heaters and the cost per kilowatt hour must be stated. The cost per kilowatt hour can be obtained from your Ontario Hydro bill. Multiply the total wattage by the length of time in hours that the heaters are in operation. This will give you the cost of o (MORE)