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How much does health insurance cost for a woman 80 years old?

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Medicade will cover health insurance. Depending on wether or not the person worked plays a facter some people have to pay for the insurance. The worst case is there is no insurance for 80 year old legal permenant residents,they are ineligible for 5 years. The government has another insurance if the person is without insurance more than 6 months. So at 80 there is a higher risk to be without insurance for 6 months.even then u may not be able to get it. So the hospitals will be able to take all the assests of any person that has any and are with out insurance, the 5 year wait for permenant residents for eligibility for medicare is a joke b/c the government hopes you will be dead or if u have some money it can be taken from you if you go to state hospital. These people can not even purchase medicare. However,if you are illegal, poor or even rich but with nontracable funds from other countries you will be able to go to your state and file for health care. Any other 80 year old will not be able to get health care as medicare will not help and no insurance co. will sell insurance to an 80 year old. There are travel ins or some limited ins plans with coverage up to maybe $25000 and you pay high for this. You would be safer saving the high premium towards any hospitilization and pray you do not end up being financially wiped out along with your family if they sponsered you as they will go after them.This is age discrimination and our governmnent claims to be reforming health care but this is a recent reform!! A reform to force an elderly segment of our population along with their families into financial disaster. Contact your congressman and senator tell them to allow all elderly to purchase medicare .
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