How much does health insurance for a baby cost?

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If the parents have health insurance through their employer - their will be a "child" or "family" rate. This amount will vary depending upon your employer's plan features and group risk factors. In North Carolina, the cost to add a baby to a group policy cold range from $150-250.

If you are looking for individual health insurance for a baby the rates will vary depending on the following factors:
1 - Plan features such as deductible, copay, and co-insurance.

2 - Current health of the baby. Health insurance companies could "rate up" a baby if there are health conditions present.

3 - Health insurance rates vary from company to company. Some "low cost" carriers offer extremely low rates because they lack an adequate network or are more aggressive in denying claims.
In North Carolina for example you can get a very good policy for your baby from BCBS for around $125.
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