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That depends! It depends on how much ice you have! If you have one kilogram of water, and then freeze it you will have one kilogram of ice. If you are thinking about density (how much volume one kilogram of ice occupies) then it expands as it freezes. 1 litre/gallon of ice weighs less than an identical volume of water. This is unusual because most solids are denser than the liquid phase. See link to Pierce College below for lots more info on water including a temperature/density graph for water/ice. This unusual density change between solid and liquid is important for life because it means ice floats on water. It means that a deep pond stays liquid at the bottom allowing fish to survive through a period when the air temperature is below freezing.
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How much does a gallon of ice cubes from a typical commercial icemaker weigh in pounds?

A gallon of water (US) weighs 8.33 lbs. A gallon of water imperial weighs 10 lbs. Ice (frozen water) expands initially as it freezes and will contract as it gets colder, there

How much does a cubic foot of ice weigh?

  Once cubic foot of water weighs 62lbs   water expands 4% when frozen, so.....   one cubic foot of water becomes 1.04 cubic feet of ice, so.....   one cubic foot

How much does 1 gallon of ice weigh?

Gallon is a unit of volume, Kg is a unit of weight (mass). 1 Gallon = 3.7854118 liters Considering a liter weighing 1 Kg (water for instance), then a gallon weighs 3.78541

How much does a bucket of ice weigh?

It all depends on the size, material and maximum capacity of the bucket in question. It helps to be more specific with questions like these. a 2.5 (10 Qt.) bucket will weigh

What does the ice on a hockey rink weigh?

  Ice is frozen water, so the ice would weigh the same as the water that was applied to the surface during the " flooding process ". Water weighs about 8 pounds per gall

If ice melts does it weigh as much in liquid form?

  As long as the same number of particles of water remain for both measurements, their mass will remain exactly the same.

How much does four fluid ounces of ice cream weigh?

The weight would depend on the density of the ice cream since a fluid ounce is a unit of volume while weight is a measure of mass and local gravity. Real ice cream (not the su