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How much does it cost to upgrade to an iPhone 3GS on an O2-UK iPhone tariff?

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that is the sad part about iPhones. you still have to pay full price for the phone even if you have an upgrade or not. here , iPhone3G is 99$ plus tax or tariff. and iPhone 3Gs is 199$ plus tax or tariff. (i would reccommend getting an otterbox for a phone like that , they are the best way to protect your phone and even keep it from getting wet. (: hope i helped,
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How much is it to upgrade to an iPhone 3G?

  Apple is currently charging $99 for the 8 gigabyte 3g. However, for $199/$299, you can get the 16 gigabyte 3g S/32 gigabyte 3g S. The 3g S is faster and has features li

How much does iPhone 3gs cost?

.) it cost 1 dolller and people who are in at& t get it for 1 dolller spint does not have it. because it to old for a iphone that came out in 2011