How much does one can of baby formula cost?

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It depends on the brand of formula they are all not the same
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How much does baby formula cost?

It depends on what kind of formula you choose. Name brands run about $20-30 per can of the dry powdered formula, where their store brand equivalents are about $10-15... and th

How much does it cost for a years worth of baby formula?

according to this website i just found it costs between 1200-3800 a year for the formula alone. I'm assuming the range is due to different types of formula that can be used -

How much does baby formula cost per day?

Baby formula is about 12 cents per day. There are more expensive brands though. When your baby drinks about 30 ounces per day it will cost approximately $3.60. But, when your

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How much did baby formula cost in the 1950's?

In the 1950's, formulas like Similac and Enfamil were not yet widely available. Mothers would actually use a written formula to mix up the ingredients in the formula by hand.

How much does one baby bottle cost?

The price of a baby bottle as of varies by the brand and type ofbottle. The average cost of a baby bottle ranges from 3.99 to over10.00.
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How much does baby formula cost for a month?

From 3-6 Months,your infant is entirely dependent on Formula.Hence the consumption would be max..on an average a good branded formula would cost anything bw 18-22 $ per can.So
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How much does it cost for one year's worth of baby formula in year 2011 at baby r us?

It all depends on which brand of infant formula you choose. If you go with the national name brands, it's going to cost a whole lot more than if you went with a store brand. I
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