How much does one imperial gallon of water weigh?

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Weight of Imperial Gallon of Water 1 gallon [UK] = 1.201 gallon [US, liquid] One US gallon weighs 8.34 pounds, so an imperial gallon weighs about 16.6 percent more, or almost exactly 10 pounds.
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How much does one gallon of water weigh?

Weight of 1 US Gallon of water = approx. 8.35 lb (about 3.785 kg) Weight of 1 Imperial gallon (i.e. UK measure) of water weighs 10 pounds (4.536 kg) by definition, at a spec (MORE)
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How much does the water weigh in a one gallon jug?

Answer:     Weight of 1 US Gallon of water = approx. 8.35 lb Weight of 1 imperial gallon (eg UK measure) of water weighs 10 pounds by definition, at a specified tempe (MORE)
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How much does a gallon of water weigh?

1 gallon of regular water weighs about 8 1/3 pounds (8.345 pounds) This is about 3.785 kilograms. 1 US gallon= 3.785 l Density of water= 1 kg/l density= mass/volume (MORE)
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How much does one gallon of salt water weigh?

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