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How much does progressive car insurance cost?

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Contact an agent or check on line at Progressive.
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How much does the cheapest car insurance cost?

Cheapest Auto Insurance  The least expensive insurance is liability, but the cost depends on  your credit score, claims history, driving record, where you live,  the compan

Does the type of car affect how much insurance will cost?

  Insurance Cost   Most definately. Everything including make, model, and the year are considered. Statistics show that faster, sportier cars get into more accident

How much will it cost for a 20 year old female to insure her car?

The cost of insurance depends not only on age, it also is  contingent on the driving record. The cost will vary, but if the  driving record is good, liability insurance is l

Does progressive offer cheap car insurance?

Progressive insurance offers a service where they will pull up the results and compare several different companies, giving you quotes from all of them, and then you pick the b

Average cost of car insurance?

$150.00. Does this help you? There are far too many factors that go  into computing an insurance rate to answer on a forum like this. To  properly compute an insurance rate

What is progressive car insurance?

Progressive car insurance is a car insurance company that is available nationwide in the United States. You can purchase the insurance directly from their website.

What exactly is progressive car insurance?

Progressive Car Insurance is an insurance company that claims to have low, competitive insurance rates. They offer free quotes and other types of insurance as well, such as ho

How much extra does it cost to add a 16 year old to your car insurance?

You cannot figure premiums in a forum like this. There are way to many factors that are considered in calculating insurance premiums. One company that I represent has 44 diffe

How much does car insurance cost for people under 18 years old?

The cost of car insurance for someone under the age of 18 depends on the persons sex and prior driving history. If no history exists it will usually range between 150 and 200

What is insurance cost for classic car?

That would depend on at least three things. (1) What is the market value of the car, (2) How secure is the place where the car is kept (3) Do you drive it on the roads. Marke

How much does insurance cost for a 16 year old with his or her own car?

I asked my friend how much he pays for his truck. He is 16 years old and owns a 2004 White GMC Sierra 1500 ext cab Z71. He pays somewhere around 8000 dollars per year. This is

What is the average cost of car insurance?

"Auto insurance will vary greatly on many factors: make/age of vehicle, safety features (airbags, etc), age and driving record of the individual, with possible discounts for b