How much does space shuttle fuel cost?

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It uses 610 tons of liquid oxygen and 100 tons of liquid hydrogen, which at market prices cost in total about US$ 200,000. The solid fuel boosters use a fuel for which there is no market price, but in total all the liquid and solid fuels used do no exceed one or two million dollars. NASA, however, spends over 700 million USD on each launch due to bureaucracy and "pork".
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How much do space shuttles cost?

The amount of money it costs is 1.7 billion dollars for a space shuttle (only one). . According to NASA's Human Space Flight web site FAQ's, cost at $1.7 billion. . It als

How much fuel does a space shuttle use?

The external fuel tank caries 146,182 US gallons of liquid oxygen and 395,582 US gallons of liquid hydrogen to fuel the orbiter's main engines. Each of the 2 Solid Rocket Bo
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How much does a used space shuttle cost?

NASA is not selling them. The Discovery is going to the Smithsonian. The Atlantis, Endeavour and Enterprise orbiters will be donated to other museums; about 20 museums have s