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Airplanes and elevators are designed for people that weight an average of 150 lbs. But recently this number has been increased to 155.
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How much does an average bunny weigh?

  the weight of a rabbit depends on the type of rabbit. a mini-lop rabbit, for example, weighs on average about five or six pounds (this is a smaller breed of rabbit).

How much does the average mouse weigh?

This answer can vary from country/region to country/region, plus the factors of the breeding background of the mouse, if it's feeder, pet or show, & various others. On average

How much does the average person weigh on mars?

  Mars has a lower density and is also about half the size of the earth. the resulting combination leaves mars with a much less gravitational pull (about 62% less). This m

How much does the average person weigh in kilograms?

Between 60 and 75 kgs for women and between 70 and 90kg for men. This will differ according to ethnicity. For instance, Chinese people are generally of slighter build than Cau

On average how much do tuna weigh?

The weight of a tuna is largely dependant on how much the tuna has eaten in their life. The answer to this question is also factored by which Tuna breed, it is. So, the averag