How much does the f35 cost?

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the F-35 costs 160-400 million the depends on the type

It was calculated to be around 70 - 80 million per plane when the project began. Due to increasingly huge problems, the plane has been delayed for more years and it still in testing stage. It has bumped the price of each plane to be around 150-400 million USD.
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The F35 Lightning 2 is a joint strike fighter produced by American companies lockheed martin and northrop grumman and British company BAe systems. It is also being funded by many other countries as well e.g. Australia and turkey. it will be produced in 3 versions one of which will be a STOVL aircraf (MORE)

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No, you cannot wear any type of corrective lenses flying fighter aircraft in the Air Force. You need to have 20/20 vision, and last I heard, they weren't accepting laser surgery yet for fighter pilots. However, if you want to qualify for flying transport aircraft in the Air Force, such as C-17s or C (MORE)

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What branch of military uses the F35?

The F35 programme is intended to produce three varieties of one aircraft, with the intent that the Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps will each field their variant.

How fast is an F35 fighter plane?

They will admit to only-in excess of 1,500 mph. It's unrealistic to expect any air force to be totally open about it's aircraft's exact capabilities.

Who design and build f35?

The Company who designed and are building the F-35 JSF is LockheedMartin, although Northrop Grumman and BAE Systems did help in theprocess. However, Lockheed Martin is getting the applause for it.Lockheed Martin have admitted that BAE Systems did have to correctthem on the VTOL engines, for they cou (MORE)

How much does 1 F35 fighter cost?

It's very difficult to find reliable figures that are not accompanied by a load of 'bafflegab'. - I would expect final figures to be over 200 million per unit.

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