How much does welfare pay in New Jersey?

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The amount of welfare a person can receive in New Jersey will depend on several factors. The more children a person has, the more welfare. A single person will get considerable less.
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Why people are on welfare in New Jersey?

People are on welfare because they cannot afford a proper life.They do not have enough money to support their family properly. Thestate government tries to help people find jo

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As of 2010, in New Jersey you will receive about 60% of your average weekly paycheck, for the base year, up to a maximum of $600. See the Related Link below for more informati

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The two largest welfare programs -- by far -- are Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) and food stamps. In 1992, the average yearly AFDC family payment was $4,572, a

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Any society will have members who for one reason or another can not take care of themselves. The amount of social welfare spent in the USA is one tenth that of corporate welfa
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