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How much energy is needed to evaporate 1g of water at room temperature?

1 Calorie per degree C. If room temp is 72 degrees C then 28calories to get to boiling then the it takes 540 calories to waterfrom liquid to gas, called the heat of vaporizati (MORE)

The heat lost by the boiling water is equal to the heat gained by the room-temperature water How much heat was transferred in this process?

For this part you would use the formula Q equals mcT. Q is energyin joules, m is for mass of the water that is in grams, c is theheat of water, and T is the temperature change (MORE)
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How much heat energy is necessary to heat 1.0 kg of water from room temperature of 20 degrees Celsius to its boiling point?

The heat capacity of water is approximately 1 cal/g/°C or 1 kcal/kg/°C. The boiling point of water is 100 °C so taking it from 20 °C boiling point means taking i (MORE)