How much exercise should you get daily?

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It depends a lot on your lifestyle. Some people naturally have an active lifestyle. (Walking instead of always driving, for example.) But most people should have about 30 minutes to an hour of exercise a day, as a minimum.
In 1 day you should have 30minutes - 1hour of exercise!
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How much exercise should children do?

children generally get plenty of exercise just being kids...ya know, runnin around and being all hyper and what not. As long as your kid plays regularly on the play ground and

How much should a 12 yr old exercise daily?

u should excercise 10-13 minutes daily depending on how u feel, . be sure no to push ur self and exercise maybe once every 2 days . don't go crazy and do 300 crunches but do

How much exercise should an 11 year old girl get daily?

Well, I am an eleven year old and I ride my bike with my mom daily and we go 4 mi and beyond. Also, swimming competitively or even just a few laps in the pool is fine. Other g

Should you exercise daily when you are obese?

yes, everyone should exercise daily and eat healthy foods no matter how much they weight. unless of course you are underweight, then you don't really need to exercise. anyway,
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Should you exercise daily to lose weight?

Yes you should :) But its even more important to get your eating under control. Ifyou're overeating it's almost possible to exercise hard enough andlong enough t6o lose any w