How much feces does one person produce per day?

How much feces does one person produce per day?
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Oh Crap! On average, people produce 1 ounce of fecal matter, or 'poop,' for each 12 pounds of body weight, so it depends on your weight.
If we assume the average person weighs 150 pounds, that's about 12 oz (1.5 ilbs or a little under a kilogram)

But, your diet, metabolism and current digestive situation (sick with diarrhea or fresh from a good night's sleep) can alter this data.

FYI- Some facts about feces: About 3/4 of your 'poop' is made of water
Of the remaining portion,1/3 is composed of dead bacteria. the other 2/3rds is made of dead cells and fibrous stuff humans can't digest, like cellulose (plant fiber),
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Average human feces per day?

  Answer   mine is around 0.8 kg or 0.6 L   but of course it varies according to body weight, diet, etc etc   if it floats, obviously it weighs less than water … (MORE)

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