How much gold has been mined in human history?

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It's hard to believe, but if all the gold ever mined was weighed, it would amount to between 140,000 and 160,000 tons. That would be a cube of approximately 62 feet on a side. A cubic inch of gold weighs 11.06 oz.
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How much money do you make if you mine gold?

Around £9 per imperial pound In RuneScape, as of 14/02/09, they are 477 gold pieces each, if you have a full inventory of gold ore: 477*28=13,356. Although the prices of it

Has there been gold mining in Maine?

Mining? I've heard of two operations. Neither yielded much. Most of what is done in Maine is gold panning for flake gold. It's said to wash down the top of the mountains an

What happens to gold after it has been mined?

It is processed to separate it from any impurities, cast into ingots then sold as raw material for further processing into the materials for a wide range of applications: bull

How much palladium has been mined in human history?

As of the End of 2004, total palladium mined was estimated at 3,781.5 tons. Given annual production is now around 222 tons pa, total mined in human history at the end of 2009
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How much mined gold is there?

Of the 120,000 tons of total mined gold, approximately 33,000 tons are held by central banks as official stocks. The remaining 87,000 are held privately