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How much income do you need for a personal loan?

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That depends on many conditions.

What are you borrowing money for?
What is your collateral?
Have you a track record?
Do you have a job?
How many years have you work without stop?
How much inetrest are you willing to pay?

First, never borrow money unless you must. New cars are never a must btw. They are a want. No human MUST have a new car. They are proof of foolish investments. Buy a reliable car, but never new unless you can afford to waste money.

Second, have at least 20% down. If you are buying something that you must own and really need today make sure you have a fair amount of equity in the device. Homes are an example of good investing.

Third, do not pay anymore interest then you must. 6% is plenty. Makes no difference what the loan is, never pay more then 6%. If you are paying more then that, you probably bought something you wanted, not needed.

You do not need a loan to obtain a credit score. Paying any bill on time helps increase your credit score. Having credit cards helps your score. Not using them helps more. You can obtain credit scores in the 800's with never having a loan or paying a penny of interest. Paying your utility bill increases your score.
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