How much is 10000 peso bill with Cardenas worth Probably from 1970 can it still be used today?

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These bills are retired, try taking them to an exchange bank to convert it to a modern denomination.
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You have 1000 Japanese pesos how much is it worth in US Dollars?

Answer . In 1944, during World War II, the Empire of Japan occupied the Philippine archipelago with a regime now termed the Second Philippine Republic. This government issued a paper-only fiat currency which was given the same name as the previous currency - the peso. As apparently happens with m (MORE)

How much is a 1936 or 1941 Philippine peso bill worth?

A 1936 Philippines one-peso treasury certificate is common, as over20 million were printed, and it does not have extraordinary value.The 1941 bills are also common, but if a serial number on a billbegins with a star, it indicates a rare bill with a substantialworth set by the current market value.

What is the value of 10000 pesos in US Currency?

1 Mexican pesos is equal to 0.0932836 U.S. dollar [1 MXN = 0.0932836 USD]. AND 1 U.S. dollar is equal to 10.72 Mexican pesos [1 USD = 10.7200 MXN]. So if you do the math, 10,000 pesos is about $932.83 USD. More currency conversions:

How much is a peso worth in the US?

One peso is about 0.08 cents. No one knows for sure, with the economy and all, but still, that's the closest thing to what it is or will be.

100 Mexican pesos is worth how much US?

7.65400 U.S. dollars, Next time just type in "100 Mexican Pesos to US dollars" on google and it will convert it to US dollars based on the current currency rate.

How much is a 1986 50000 Mexican peso bill worth?

It's worth under $5.00 US. The Mexican peso was revalued in 1993 so anything printed before that year is worth less than 1,000 times its value. Read this article:

How much is 10000 pesos in American money?

Several countries all use the peso as their currency unit, but their money isn't directly interchangeable*. After you determine what country you're interested in, visit a site such as, CNNMoney, etc. for the latest conversion factors. Exchange rates change every day so any answer poste (MORE)

How much was 10000 pounds in 1800 worth today?

A yearly income of 10,000 pounds in the 1800's would be equal in 2009 average yearly earnings value to £ 9.27 million pounds a year, or $14 million USD. An incredible fortune even by today's standards.

Does the US still print 10000 dollar bills?

No, distribution of all high denomination dollar bills was haltedin 1969 in an effort to thwart their use in organized crime. Production of high-denomination ($500 and above) US bills ended in1945 due to low demand. The last series was dated 1934 regardlessof the year they were actually printed.

How much is 1500 pesos in the us Currency worth?

$1500 pesos converts to $15.oo in Us currency. I think you can go to a bank to have it changed over, if not ask the where you can get it converted. If you don't have a bank account just call any bank and they can give you an answer on where to go.

How much is 10000 rand worth in us dollars?

10 000 South African rands = 1 326.26 U.S. dollars In google, you can enter this as a search string and get this and other currency converted: 10000 rand in usd Just exchange the sum and currency with whatever you need.

How much is 1 peso worth in us dollars?

More information is needed. At least a half dozen countries use pesos but they have different exchange rates versus the US dollar. In any case exchange rates change every day so any answer posted here would be out of date almost immediately. While it's not normal WikiAnswers policy to say "use th (MORE)

How much is the peso worth in us dollars?

One Mexican Peso is currently worth US$0.077957 -- a little less than 8 cents. There is an online currency calculator here : Dan Moore The Working Man's Rare Coins

How much is the 1991 10000 peso worth?

A perfect uncirculated 1991 Mexican 10,000 Peso note is worth $6. In Very Good condition, this value drops to $1.25. Anything below that quality is worthless.

How much is a 1987 20000 Mexican peso bill worth?

In mint perfect uncirculated condition, a 1987 Mexican 20,000 Peso note would be worth $17.50 to a collector. In Very Good condition, with light folds, it would be worth $3.50. Anything worse than that would have no value.

How much is 2000 pesos worth in US dollars?

Several countries use pesos as their basic currency and each onehas a different exchange rate versus the US dollar. In addition,exchange rates change every day so any specific answer posted herebecomes out of date almost immediately. While it's not policy to say "use the Internet", that (MORE)

How much is 5 Philippine pesos worth in US dollars?

Currency values change daily, and the last quoted rate is shown at 0.02312 USD per Philippine peso (PHP). The inverse rate is 43.25 PHP per USD, so your amount is 0.1156 USD . Quotes shown are valid as of Jan. 22, 2012. Financial and business pages of major newspapers typically feature the major cu (MORE)

How much is a UN MIL pesos bill worth?

If it's a Mexican "Nuevo" Peso. On 3/11/2012 it's worth $80.87. $1.00 US dollar is worth $12.6835 pesos. If it's one of the OLD Peso currency, it has no monetary value. May have some collection value.

How much are 20 pesos worth in US dollars?

Currently: 20 Philippine Pesos are worth .47 US dollars. 20 Argentine Pesos are worth 4.52 US dollars. 20 Chilean Pesos are worth .04 US dollars 20 Colombian Pesos are worth .01 US dollars 20 Cuban Pesos are worth .75 US dollars. 20 Dominican Pesos are worth .51 US dollars 20 Mexican Pesos are wort (MORE)

What is 10000 in 1959 worth today?

That depends on what the 10,000 units are. Assuming the amount is 10,000 US Dollars, it would have the same buying power as $79,450 in 2013. Similarly, $10,000 today would have the same buying power as $1,250 in 1959.

How much is a 1989 22000 Mexican peso bill worth?

The Mexican Peso was revalued in 1993, so there is a good chance that since the money is no longer circulated that the value has decreased. I recommend checking with your local bank or currency exchange to properly gauge the value of the currency you have.

How much is diez mil pesos worth in us money?

You have to know what country issued the coin or bill, and what itsdate is. To explain, over half a dozen countries have currencycalled the peso but they have different conversion rates versus theUS dollar. In addition many of them have revalued their pesos(sometimes more than once) so you need to k (MORE)

How much is a peso bill from 1942 worth?

There are more than a few countries that have a "PESO" in their monetary systems, both past and present. The country of origin would have to be known to answer this accurately and/or succinctly.