How much is 50 yuan?

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Type 50yuan into Google for the current conversion value in US dollars.
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How much is 50 yuan worth?

it varies type in 50 CNY to Google search and it will come up as the first result as of 8/9/11 at 6:56 it worth about 7.7756 US Dollars , the x-rate always varies

How much is 10000 yuan?

Rates change every day. is a good site for the latest conversion rates.

What is the value of a 1945 Chinese 50 yuan note?

The Central Bank of China, 1945 issue 50 Yuan note, in mint uncirculated condition, is worth $6. There are, however, at least two different issues by other Chinese banks in th

How much is a yuan worth in china?

One Chinese yuan renminbi is worth about $0.152 (US dollars) . according to the currency converter found on the related link below.