How much is a Remington mohawk 48 shotgun worth?

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Id say a good $200-$300
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What is the 12 Ga Remington Model Mohawk 48?

Nothing, because it doesn't exist. I Own one: Its a shotgun Autoloader 12 gauge 2 ¾" shells What I should have said is that it's not listed on Remington's website under Fi

How much is a 1100 Remington Shotgun worth?

$300 to $400 dollars for the basic 1100 in 12 ga with any choke except a variable. A variable scope will kick it up about $75. If ribbed skeet barell, add another $150. The

How much is your 1959 Remington sportsman 48 16 gauge shotgun worth?

I have one thats in superior condition that has the solid rib and was told at a gun show that it was worth around $1100 and up. Mine is a Sportsman "Sweet 16" and I still shoo
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How much is a Remington Model 1 shotgun worth?

Remington didn't make a Model 1 shotgun, if it's a #1 Rolling block it could be shot out but it's no a shotgun. I doubt however you could have identified a Model 1 Rolling Blo