How much is a lift kit to put 22 rims on a 2003 buick century?

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Put lift kit on 83 buick regal?

i have an 84 regal limited with 20" wheels, i used gabriel sky jacker air adjustable shocks in the rear and this solved my problem of rubbing tires. the front is another story

Do you need a lift kit for 22' rim on Cadillac deville?

It will if you do modifications to it i have 1995 Cadillac deville on 22"defy kasino rims and i had to unhook air lift shocks add spring spacers to all 4 shocks and fold in th

Can 22 rims fit on a 1998 buick century?

Oh yeah, they will fit. I got 22s on my 03 century. 22x8.5 with 235/30 tires. I did have to put a 1/8'' spacer on the back wheels so tire would clear the strut plate. You do n

Do you need a lift kit to put 22 inch rims?

the size of the tire will determine whether or not a lift kit will be required, not the rim size. For example: If your vehicle currently has 31" tall tires on 16" rims and y

2003 Monte Carlo what tire size do you need to prevent any rubbing on 22 inch rims and is a lift kit required?

225/30/r22 front will be alright if u remove the plastic moding on the inner fender whel half way there is a crease were you can cut it or tear it along that crease if not it