How much is a talent worth?


= 3,000 shekels
= 60 minas
= 34.3 kilograms metric
= 75 U.S. pounds
Used as a measure of weight and money. If in today's money an ounce of Gold is worth $700 U.S., one talent is worth $840,000.

Ex. 38:24-29
1Kings 9:14
Matt. 18:24, 25:15-18
Rev. 16:21

This is probably not comparing apples to apples though since it does not take into account inflationary effects or whether using a talent of gold vs. silver.

Also a talent used in the Hebrew scriptures is different than the ones talked about in the Greek scriptures.
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How much is 469 talents of silver worth in dollars?

$26,662,650 dollars or so. A heavy talent (used in biblical time) weighed about 130 pounds. 130 pounds is about 1895 troy ounces of silver. So 469 talents would be 888755 tro (MORE)

How much is 10000 talents worth?

  10,000 talents is worth about 150,000 year's wages. Here's the calculation: 1 talent = 60 minas 1 mina = 3 month's wages 1 talent = 60 x (3 months' wages) = 180 mont (MORE)

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How much is 666 talents in the Hebrew scriptures worth today?

$ 1,080,000.000.00    Answer:   That depends upon what metal you're asking about. There are talents  of gold, silver, copper (Exodus ch.38), and other metals.
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How much is 420 talents of gold worth?

This answer depends on the current gold price and also the purity of the gold. If this question comes from the 420 talents of gold that Hiram's ships brought back to king Solo (MORE)

How much is 120 talents worth?

This is a difficult question to answer as the Talent varied depending upon the area in which it was used. As an example, the Babylonian Talent (as used in the Old Testament) w (MORE)

How much is a talent worth in biblical days?

It is difficult to come to an accurate answer as exact values are not available. It is said that a daily wage in the time of Jesus for the Roman soldier was one denarius or ro (MORE)

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