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Well, some are not cheap. The cheapest is around 100 dollars. That's usually just a child's first violin. It's quality isn't ever really that great and you can probably find someone selling it in the classifieds or a garage sale. One that costs 700 dollars has a tonal quality that is much greater than a cheaper violin. Of course, professionals tend to buy instruments that are up to $15,000.00 and sometimes more.

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Violins can range greatly in price. For a starter instrument you can often find them for as low as $100 (£60). Another option for beginners is to hire an instrument which negates the initial layout for something you are not sure if you will keep up.

More advanced students will then need a more expensive violin and these can be found for about $300-500 (£200-300). This will normally last a couple of years. With my own students moving up beyond this point I recommend the minimum spent is $1600 (£1000).

It is now often the case that to enter a conservatoire program to study as a violinist, you are expected to have an instrument in the $24,000-$32,000 (£15000 - 20000) range.

The most expensive violin on record?
The Lady Tennant Stradivarius violin was sold by Christie's New York in April 2005 for $2.03 million US dollars. The Stradivari Society, a private Chicago-based organization that purchases rare violins and loans them to promising young musicians, values some "golden era" (post-1700) Stradivari violins at $6 million each.
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How much does a stradivarius violin cost?

Some go for millions of dollars A Stradivarius made in the 1680s or during Stradivari's Brescian period (1690-1700) could be worth several hundred thousand dollars or more at

How much are violins?

well violins are expensive enough but they are about 300 to 500 dollars.

How much does a Chinese violin cost?

That depends on a wide variety of factors, to include the size and make of the violin, the type and quality of the wood that was used, etc if its ugly then it's cheap and it w

How much is too much for a violin?

It depends on what you want to do with it. Are you a student, a reasonably good amateur, or a professional? If you are a student, you can probably expect to pay around $250-$5

How much are violin lessons?

Fora good quality violin lesson, you must first look at what location you are in....... Then, of coarse, find a local symphony and see if one of the violinist ( preferably ) t

How much is the violin?

it can be anything from £5 on eBay to hundreds or even thousands of pounds. I think a good quality and reasonably priced one for an experianced violinist is about £120. But