How much is an RCA record with Mickey Mantle on the cover worth?

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My Favorite Hits Mickey Mantle 1958 RCA Record This is a 1958 RCA released record of Mickey Mantle's Favorite Songs. "MY FAVORITE HITS" On the back of the record Mickey Mantle states that next to sports, he has been more interested in pop music than anything else.

The record sells for about $50.-$135. in good to Excellent condition. I have seen them sell for about $150. in Near/mint condition. List of Songs SIDE ONE
  • Begin the Beguine - Arte Shaw
  • Home on the range - Vaughn Monroe
  • Tennessee waltz - Eddie Arnold
  • That old black magic - Glen Miller
  • Remember Me? - Hal Kemp
  • I'll never smile again - Tommy Dorsey
  • Come rain or shine - Tony Martin
  • Love Letters - Hugo Winterhalter
  • Solitude - Duke Ellington
  • Stormy Weather - Billy Butterfield
  • Last round up - Sons of the pioneers
  • Lullaby of Birdland - Ralph Flanagan
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