How much is an iPhone 5?

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in canada for the 16GB $179.95 n a 3 year term
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How much is iphone 5?

It may cost $1000-$1700 in the US but in the Qatar it may cost Dh3500-Dh-4000 and if in the Philippines it cost P50000-P60000

How much does iPhone 5 cost?

When you first buy an iPhone 5, and your other contract ended or you have no previous contract. The iPhone 5 will cost the following: 16 GB = $199.99 32 GB = $299.99 64

How much does the iPhone 5 cost?

In the US it is available for $199 for 16GB version and $299 for 32GB version Prices are available only of on-contract iPhone 5. Apple will disclose contract-free version pric

How much the price of iPhone 5?

There is no such thing as the iPhone 5, There might be a release of the iPhone 5 maybe in near the middle of 2012 or the start of 2013. No guarantees though.

How much is iPhone 5 in Canada?

Same price as elsewhere in the world plus shipping. They start around $700 but you can get them FREE with a multi thousand dollar cell phone plan.
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How much are iPhone 5 at GCI?

GCI offers the iPhone 5 on thir plans for the following prices 16GB - $149 32GB - $249 64GB - $349
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How much battery does a iPhone 5 have?

The iPhone has 8 hours of talk time once it's fully charged. Thatmeans you can talk on the phone for 8 hours before the battery runsout.