How much is condo insurance in Michigan?

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Read your governing documents to determine the coverage that should be available to you from the association's master policy.

Then, determine how much of your personal property you want to cover. Your personal coverage in a condominium is called an HO-6 policy, and may also include assessment protection in case of a disaster.

Ask your board to help you work through the kind of individual policy you need, and to educate you about coverage actually contained in the master policy.
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Where can you get condo insurance?

There are two kinds of insurance that cover condominiums. 1. The association buys a master policy to insure all the real estate assets owned in common by all the owners. Yo

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How much is a condo?

The cost of a condo depends on the size + quality. If you are looking to buy an amazing condo, about $50'000 is gonna go out your wallet.

How much homeowners insurance should you get on your condo?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents, in your state's condominium law, and in your master policy. Condominium associations are usually required to car

How do you figure out how much building property coverage you need on a condo insurance policy?

Somewhere in your Association agreement or unit owners agreement there should be a section that states how much of your condo you are responsible for covering. They usually ha

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If you live in a building made up of condominium units, there must be some legal governing body by way of which all owners share in the ownership of the common areas and limit

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The answer depends on how the contractor is employed by the association. If the contractor is bonded, insured and licensed -- best practices indicate this is the best positi

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Read your governing documents to determine the coverage that should be available to you from the association's master policy. Then, determine how much of your personal prop

How much coverage do you need to have on an HO6 condo insurance policy?

Best practices dictate that you work with the broker who write themaster policy, to determine whether or not the master policy is an'all-in' policy. An all-in policy includes

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First we would need to know why you were cancelled? As if you were cancelled for misrepresentation or fraud then you are in trouble, but if you were cancelled for non payment

How much condo insurance do you need?

To determine how much condo insurance you need, you are bestadvised to insure the contents of your unit, because theassociation's master policy insures the real estate assets

What insurance is available for owners of condos?

If you own a condo, you can get basically the same type of insurance as a homeowner, depending on what type of condo you have. If you condo is more like apartments, you may be