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How much is insurance for an apartment?

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My renter's insurance is about $180 per year.
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How much does a studio apartment cost?

This would depend on the location of the apartment. Some studios in  New York city are well above $2000/month. Some studios in Butte,  Montanta on the other hand are $575/mo

How much is amoxicillin if you do not have insurance?

Generic versions of amoxicillin cost about 13 to 22 dollars,  depending on the generic version your pharmacy uses. Costs vary  from area to area, so they could be higher or

How much is truck driving insurance?

If you are asking about insurance for driving a commerical truck like a Freightliner, for example: The limit of liability insurance typically required is $1,000,000. If you h

How much does it cost to paint apartment?

That depends on lots of factors. How big is your apartment? Is there anything that needs primer or wallpaper? Do you have texture on your ceiling? Will you be doing it yoursel

How much is Plavix without insurance?

Generic for Plavix (Clopidogrel) is used to prevent blood clots in  people with recent heart attack or stroke. Cheap Generic Plavix, 50  Tablets of Plavix 75mg, would cost a

How much does it cost to get disability insurance?

The exact cost for disability insurance will depend on a lot of factors, including the amount of coverage desired, the age and health of the individual, and the area of the co

How much do braces cost with insurance?

i think they will pay around 1,000 or so but they cost around 1,000-5,000 its so much but my parents say its worth it i need to ask my dentist about braces when i go for check

How much is pet health insurance?

The cost of pet health insurance varies. Pet insurance may discriminate based on age, breed, or preexisting medical condition. There are companies, such as Pet Assure, however

How much does motorcycle insurance cost?

About as much as car insurance. Actually, it cost me, in Georgia, for Full coverage on my 2 motorcycles, about 1/4 what it cost me for full coverage on my 2 motorcycles. And

How much does it cost to build an apartment?

A lot more than you think at this moment.   How true with the current mortgage crisis and the Bank Bail outs...  Probably more of a question of "how long" does it take to

Does homeowners insurance cover a foundation that is pulling the walls apart?

  Answer   No. Insurance only covers accidents and is usually pretty specific. They also do not cover re-roofing, painting, plumbing repair, replacing the furnace, re

How much is Earthquake Insurance in California?

It depends on a few factors, such as the value of your home and the % of deductible you choose. These deductibles are much higher than your home insurance policy. This is simp

If you rent an apartment should you get home owners insurance?

If you rent an apartment, you don't need homeOWNERS insurance, but you you definitely need Renters Insurance, which is a form of homeowners insurance. Most renters' policies w