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How much is 2 euros worth?

  The rate changes daily but has been around €1 = US$ 1.35 at the end of 2008 Check a site such as www.xe.com for accurate daily figures.

Who much is 2 euro coins worth in the US?

  nothing, there are not accepted as currency here...   if you take them into a bank that offers foreign exchange, they will exchange them for about $2.50 pending fees.

How much are euro coins worth?

Anything that's been in circulation is worth face value only. The exchange rate changes daily but has been around €1 = US$ 1.42 in mid-2011. Check a site such as www.xe.com

How much is a euro 96 two pound coin worth?

Such a coin does not exist. The Britain was granted exemption from moving to the Euro currency. You have either an EU 2 ECU coin or a British Two Pound coin.

How much the euro stickman coin worth?

I've heard a Rumour that they are worth up to 25 each. I have 10 of them but can't shift them. I have seen alot of them and IMHO I think they are pretty worthless for the

What is the value of Eire 2 Euro Stick man coin?

It is worth 2 Euro. You would need to get the value or your own currency against the Euro to see what it is worth in your currency. It would not be very much.

How much does a 2 euro coin weigh?

A bimetallic 2 Euro coin (not to be confused with a copper 2 Euro Cent coin) weighs 8.50 grams.