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How much is stick man 2 euro coin worth?

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How much is 33 dollars in euro coins worth in American dollars?

  Roughly, €1 = $1.57. See www.xe.com for exchange rates. However U.S. banks will pay far less to exchange coins vs. exchanging bills, if they will do it at all. Your (MORE)

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How much is a 2 cent 1865 us coin worth?

Assuming the coin is circulated, the 1865 Two Cent Piece is the 2nd highest mintage of the series. For an accurate assessment of value the coin needs to be seen and graded. Mo (MORE)

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How much is a Rex 2 shilling 1950 coin worth?

My guess is that you have a 1950 Two Shilling coin from South Africa. The front of the coin has the words "GEORGIVS SEXTUS REX" (Latin for "George the Sixth, King") with a por (MORE)

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How much does a 2 euro coin weigh?

A bimetallic 2 Euro coin (not to be confused with a copper 2 Euro Cent coin) weighs 8.50 grams.
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What is a euro dollar coin worth?

It would depend on the coins date.   MoreThere's no such coin as a "euro dollar". Many countries use dollars but the name for EU coins and bills is simply euros. Most ci (MORE)