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it depends on how much you buy the items the tax will grow a little higher by 70% i think
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How much does the average single person spend on groceries a month in San Francisco?

I am a single person who only eats out once or twice a month (under  $15 meals) and spend about $200-250 a month on groceries and it  seems to be completely unavoidable if I

What is the average grocery bill for a family of five?

  I decided to save all my grocery receipts this month for my family of 5. I was shocked when I totaled it and saw over $1100 on my calculator ... I actually added it twic

Who pays the White House grocery bill?

The President pays the grocery bill for the first family, but for state functions (such as state dinners) the federal government pays the bill.

How much is an average phone bill?

A phone bill is dependent on many thing. The company in which a  person signs a contract, or if they go with an "as you go plan". A  phone bill can cost anywhere from $30 a

How much is the average grocery bill for two people.?

If you don't buy a lot of pre-prepared meals, buy a lot of alcohol, go out for meals like crazy, then for an average couple, the bill should be around $75 a week. This is att

What is the average monthly US grocery bill for 2?

  Answer   Last year U.S. households spent $3,240 on average for groceries   http://www.cccsatl.org/save-money-grocery.asp   Answer   $100 to $150 most we

What is the average grocery bill for a family of 3 in Canada?

  Generally the rule of thumb is $200 per person in the family. However this depends on the ages of the family members as younger children and infants tend to have other c

How much does the average family spend on groceries in one week?

Usually between 100.00 and 500.00 but in all honesty it depends on how big your family is and what kind of food you buy. Buying for a one-person family is very different from