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How much is the comic book Web of Spider-Man number 1 worth?

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It's selling for $ 48.00 ; see relevant link .
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How much is the comic book Spawn number one worth?

  Don't get your hopes up, there was a ton of issue ones printed, and spawn isn't all that hot anymore. It's probably worth $4-$5 but you can definitely get it for less on

How much is the comic book x men number 1 worth?

1 TIME I HEARD 51,678 ------ One just went for $101,000 in a recent auction mound city auctions by Rob Wieman The X-Men #1 CGC 9.4 $101,000 Nov. 1st, 2009 The re

How much is the comic book The Mighty Thor number 1 worth?

Some of the answers on this site are ridiculous. This is one of the most ridiculous! 1. There are various Thor #1's, but only because Marvel keeps rebooting to artifically boo

How much is the 1986 What if Spider Man had rescued Gwen Stacy comic book worth?

this answer will probably disappoint you, but it's probably worth pretty much exactly the price on the cover, or slightly less if anything. the reason very old comics, like sp