How much is the comic book Web of Spider-Man number 1 worth?

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It's selling for $ 48.00 ; see relevant link .
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How much is the fist Man Thing comic book worth?

Pricing depends on the condition of the book.    Man-Thing first appeared in Savage Tales #1 (May 1971). A CGC 9.8  copy sold for $765 in April 2013.    Man-Thi (MORE)
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How much for Conan comic books worth?

You'll need to provide the conditions of the comic-books themselves  and the issue numbers or you can look to the 'Overstreet Comic Book  Price Guide' to price and grade the (MORE)
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How much is a vol 1 no.171 Daredevil Comic book worth?

  With the issue number and the condition the answer would be more specific, but they go from anywhere between a couple of hundred to up around $1,600.
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How much is the comic book The 1987 Amazing Spider Man number 21?

  The Amazing Spider-Man issues between January 1987 and December 1987 are issues- 284-295. 21 Doesn't fit in at this time. Values of these comics range from $7 to $24 d (MORE)

How much is the 1986 What if Spider Man had rescued Gwen Stacy comic book worth?

this answer will probably disappoint you, but it's probably worth pretty much exactly the price on the cover, or slightly less if anything. the reason very old comics, like sp (MORE)