How much is the tax on a pack of cigarettes in California and can you deduct that tax on your taxes?

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Are you on drugs? You want the government to give you back the taxes you pay on cigarettes? You realize that the reason the taxes are so high is mainly as a deterrent to smoking, as well as to generate revenue. Why would they give you this money back!!
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What is a tax deduction?

It is a term for an amount, whether it be determined by its cost, like a medical expense, or some other method (like a child or dependent person being considered as a specific

How much does a pack of cigarettes cost before taxes?

I can't find the base price before tax, but if you look at the link below it shows federal and state taxes on cigarettes

What is an intangible tax and is it tax deductible?

It is, normally, only for business type things. Like trademarks, issued stock, etc and non pyhisical assets used in a State. (Compared to a real & personal property tax which

What are after tax deductions?

Those are amounts taken out of your paycheck that do not reduce the amount of tax you have to pay on your salary.

In India how much tax is deducted?

It depends on how much you are earning. There is a minimum income limit and anyone earning above that predetermined number has to pay taxes. The taxes start with 10% and go up