How much life insurance can you get?

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The amount if life insurance you can get depends on several factors that the insurance company takes into consideration, including: 1. Your health status. 2. Your family's health history. 3. The amount of life insurance you already own. The insurance company doesn't want you to be over-insured. Most life insurance company will allow you to purchase up to 10 times your annual income, or more in life insurance. So, if you earn $100,000 per year, the insurance company may allow you to purchase up to $1,000,000 or more of life insurance. Answers Life insurance is something that you need to ensure that your loved ones are financially safe and secure, in case of your death. Therefore, it is always advisable to have the maximum insurance cover depending on your present needs. Life insurance needs are determined by various factors like: gross income, age, period, inflation rate etc. Refer to life insurance calculator: to determine approximate life insurance coverage for your particular situation
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How much life insurance should I have?

Answer . Calculate the annual income that will be lost by the person (or you) dying, and the number of years that that income will be "missed" by the people left behind (su

How much life insurance is adequate?

Answer . I sold life insurance for several different companies. Some thoughts include "10 times your income", "as much as you can afford" and "it depends on why you are b

How much life insurance do you need?

In general, you add up all of your debts + what you would pay for your kids' college + living expenses for your spouse and family for however many years you want to provide fo

How much will life insurance cost?

It depends on many factors: your age, sex, occupation and health among others, and the amount of insurance that you want to buy. .

How does a whole life insurance works and how much do I get?

In whole life insurance, you pay WAAAY to much to the insurance company and you typically get nothing in return.. This "insurance" product provides life insurance and also bu

How much life insurance to you need?

Life insurance serves several purposes within a financial plan. It is often used for family planning purposes as a replacement of income due to death of an income provider. It

How much is term life insurance?

The cost of term life insurance would depend greatly on certain factors such as age, health, habits, work. Each term life insurance company has many different plans with diffe

How much is whole life insurance?

Whole life insurance varies in cost just like term insurance. The additional factor that goes into whole life's cost is that there is cash accumulation and it the extra money

How much does life insurance costs?

Life insurance can have a very low cost, if purchased at a young age, non smoker and good health. The premiums do not increase for the length of the insurance contract (unless

How much is terrm life insurance?

Term life insurance rate vary but you can get it from Met Life for as little as $14 a month. There are several sites that list the top rated companies and gives quotes.

How much life insurance are you allowed to buy?

You may purchase life insurance based on your individual need. Normally a good life insurance agent will help guide you through this process. The amount of life insurance you

How much is the payment for life insurance for Ayala life insurance?

I assume that you are referring to the premium. A premium is the periodic payment made by the insured to the insurer. In the US and elsewhere, premiums are determined by act