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How much many tons of coal can a ship hold?

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50,000 tons to 200,000 tons, depending upon the size of the vessel.
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How many tons does a ten wheeler hold?

  tons a 10 wheeler will hold depends on the configuration of the truck. a lot has to do with the distance of the axles from each other. when loading a truck to get correc

How much carbon dioxide does a ton of coal produce?

According to Energy Information Administration (EIA) research, emissions range from 2,791 lbs per short ton for lignite coal to 5,685 lbs per short ton for anthracite coal. Ho

How much weight does a ship hold?

The weight of the ship plus the weight of the cargo cannot be greater than the weight of the water displaced
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How many bags of 40kg coal in a ton?

A metric ton is 1000 kg (2204.621 lbs). This is nearly equal to a long ton (old English measure for coal) of 2240 lbs. The English (US) short ton measure is 2000 lbs. If a bag