How much money did Taylor Swift donate to Haiti?

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Taylor Swift's telathon for Haiti raised $58 million dollars.
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How much money does Taylor Swift make a year?

(People/Parade) Magazine source by celebrity income. In 2009 Taylor Swift brought in $17.2 million! Taylor made 450times more money than the average people profiled in the magazine!

How much money does haiti have?

they have gotten 30.101 million dollar's, but they might need more then that thank you for shopping with the WikiAnswers store bye

How much does Taylor Swift weight?

The name Taylor is for loving, caring , nurturing women that ,dose not talk about someone behind there back and Taylor hess is the best name it is also the name of a sexy lovable atractive person

How much is Taylor Swift worth?

Taylor Swifts net worth is $50 million as of January 2010 i got this answer from this website tells you all about celebrities net worth and movie budgets

How much does Taylor swift make?

Reportedly somewhere around 50 to 60 million in the year 2008, but her sophomore album has sold so many copies that she should receive at least two to three times that in the year 2009 due to various contracts with new sponsors.

How much money do you get for donating blood?

Blood from paid donors cannot be used in the United States for transfusion purposes. This is an FDA regulation, studies show that volunteer donors provide a safer blood supply. Plasma is the only component for which donors are sometimes paid, and it is taken by the apheresis method. Plasma can be tr (MORE)

How much are tickets to a Taylor Swift concert?

concert tickets for the 2009 Fearless tour range from $20 and up. I'm wishing for some for my birthday:). I just went to the one in Phoenix last week. 3 of us went and it ended up being like $400.00. They were on the bottom section so I'm sure you could get cheaper ones unless you want a good seat (MORE)

How much do you love Taylor Swift?

i love Taylor swift she is sssssssssooooooo cool!!!!! i LOVE her i am her number 1 fan i have gone to all her concerts and i have all her Cd's and posters. i have all her songs memorized and my fav songs are love story, you belong with me, and hay Stephen

Does Taylor Swift donate to charity?

Yes, Taylor Swift has given large donations to several causes. One time, she donated $10K to a boy with autism to help him get atherapy dog. On another occasion, she donated $50K to the NYC public librariesto help with funding. Recently, she donated a million dollars tohelp with recovery due to th (MORE)

How much is Taylor swift concert merchandise i dont no how much money to bring can you please help me?

Taylor Swiftmerchandise is pending to what you buy. Shirts are 25.00 dollars each, glow sticks are 10.00 dollars each. If that don't cover what you need to know you can look on her website and see what each item they're selling at the concert costs. I went to a Taylor Swift concert so I would bring (MORE)

How much is Taylor Swift paid?

55555555555555555555555555555555555 i bet she gets paid a lot In the beginning of 2012 she made just over 37.5 million, but that could have easily doubled or tripled in the last few months

Why is it better to donate money rather than supplies to help Haiti after the earthquake?

In the early stages, because their ports of entry and airport were badly damaged by the earthquake. They are still not fully functional and therefore can't accommodate extra supply planes and cargo ships. The idea is that by sending money instead, the people of Haiti can rebuild their lands and a (MORE)

What can you donate to Haiti?

You can donate just about anything - everything will be needed. Different organisations are getting different things sent to Haiti, so check out the different websites for who is looking for what. The easiest thing is money of course as this can be done from anywhere and more or less instantly.

How much money does haiti need?

Haiti needs a lot of money. There is no specific amount. There is also a great need for workers to set up tents and/or stable houses for the victims.

How can you donate money to haiti?

You may want to go there yourself. I have been to Haiti several times. If you don't want to go yourself, you may want to talk to John Travolta. He has taken his own plane to Haiti many times.

How much money will haiti need?

They will need 100,000,000.because they need to rebuild everything!!!!!!!!i fell sad for haiti and thank you for shopping with me ****bye****

Did Selena Gomez donate money to Haiti?

yes she did she donated 1 million dollars dont say she does not have the money because she is doing 2 movies one she get is 1 million the other 2.5 million

How much does Taylor swift weigh 2011?

She might still be the same weight as before, my mum said we both weigh the same, but I'm curvy and she's super skinny, probably still 5'11 or whatever, that is super skinny, it's a baby's weight, she's too skinny! I think she gets rid of her boyfriends because she wants a family and she can't get p (MORE)

How much money is donated to charaties?

All of it. Clothes, toys, etc. are donated to a charity, such as The Salvation Army or Good Will, and then people go and buy this stuff. The money made is donated to buy houses, food, etc. for people who need it.

How much is the ticket concert of Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift tickets can range from $90 to $400+ depending on what seats you choose, $90 being the "not so good ones" and $400+, being the "box seats"/ the ones where you stand right in front of the stage. Hope this helped!